Common Conference on

„ICT- technologies, equipment and know-how for integrated and sustainable land- and farm-management“

a public AND private approach

conducted by PROGIS, Adcon, forCert

progis ms adcon forcert

Date:        2010, November 16th-17th with specific workshops and site meetings on18th
Venue:      Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, Plot No. 11/13, Mpigi Road, Entebbe, Uganda

Conference language: English

Welcome message of the Ugandan Minister of State for Agriculture,Honourable Aggrey H. Bagiire



To realize a green revolution for Africa, experts mentioned the importance of TECHNOLOGY; further the must of more INTEGRATION and COOPERATION and better PLANNING together with increased ADVISORY SERVICES  for a successful uptake. A group of European companies, highly dedicated to boost agricultural development, brought all these elements together and will introduce an integrated model for land-, farm- and forest management mid of November in Entebbe/Uganda. Integrated stands for technology cooperation, for farmers integration into cooperative tasks, for horizontal and vertical sector integration, the integration of advisory support and for the integration of financing institutes and insurance companies, which became possible with the help of sophisticated technology.

If you are farmer, belonging to a farm advisory group, or buyer of farm products , seller of machines, crops or chemicals to farmers, or if you are consultant, or forester, or working in the agro-finance sector (eg. Micro-financing) or in the agro-insurance business, if you are working locally or if you are interested in business throughout regions or whole Africa, if you are researcher, NGO´s, expert, project developer, IT- or communication expert who wants to raise new business or if you are a governmental expert, or working with a chamber, for all of you it is a must to take part at this event - you will benefit, personally and for the farm, company or group you’re representing. 

Mark at your calendar: 16.-18.November 2010

Location: Entebbe / Uganda, Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, Plot No. 11/13, Mpigi Road (10`from the airport at the outstanding Lake Victoria)

You will hear practical examples how advisors can support farmers (small holder farmers likewise large enterprises) in optimizing their farm-management by better planning and control, by exact calculation of their business, optimization of fertilizer, pesticide and water use, by cooperative use of machines and by increasing sales due to traceability and quality certification.

The organizing companies are representing the following technologies:                                          

  • PROGIS: ICT – technologies for farm- and forest management, advisory services, cooperative management, logistics, precision farming, forest inventory and land consolidation, provided for single farms, advisors handling several hundred farms, or cooperative groups of farms. New images with 50 cm resolution for agricultural- and with 1m resolution for forest areas or better as basic planning element, provided for single countries or even for whole Africa.
  • ADCON: Weather stations and soil moisture sensors with expert models for reducing water or pesticide use provided as single stations or country-wide networks integrated into ICT - Technology!
  • forCERT: Consulting experts with a special focus in forestry, resource management and fighting against desertification