Call for Papers

The international Joint Conference on „ICT- technologies, equipment and know-how for integrated and sustainable land- and farm-management“ will take place in Entebbe/Uganda in 6 weeks already.

This 3 day event focuses on a rapid empowerment of African Farmers and a systemic growth of African Agriculture – with other words, to increase significantly the agro-sector. To set this into reality, the technological prerequisites are given, but open is the key question on how to handle INTEGRATION and COOPERATION. Future, sustainable successful agro-management systems have to consider the needs of the State, the Minister of Agriculture, forestry and environment, the needs of small holder farmers, those of large holdings, of cooperatives, that of the food industry, suppliers, retailers, end-users and affiliated business etc..(=Integration)

Another future key question will be how to use ICT, respectively how to handle the needs of public and private prospective users. Modern models will have to provide to both, the private and the public sector access to the same base data as there are geographic information, maps, ortho-images, weather data, soil maps, soil science data etc. Both groups will use them for their own needs, but will have to share or link results according to needs and necessity amongst each other.(=Cooperation).

This all is a big challenge. To find together practical and realizable solutions, we would like to include a range of local presentations into the conference program. The results of the 2-days presentations will be discussed on the third day where possible solutions for different African countries should be investigated in detail and worked out.

 The call for papers addresses:

·        scientists from the agro/forest/environment sector and

·        public and private representatives, from the sectors infrastructure, agriculture -, environment-, water management, irrigation, telecommunication, governance policy.

Topics include contributions dealing with the following issues in the context of agriculture, forestry, food & environment.

·        Soil science
·        Plant protection
·        Harvesting
·        Food quality and safety
·        Promotion of small holder farm enterprises
·        Promotion of public private partnerships
·        Chain partner cooperation
·        NGO initiatives in the field of agro-development

Submission of abstracts: Please send a summary via email to the secretariat of the conference organizers until 30. October 2010. Please use this template (right mouse click, save as)